1. HALK

    Best betting site (my personal experience):
    • offering the best odds
    • providing the highest limits
    • operating a unique Winners Welcome policy

  2. How do i bet online coz am intrested in mcheza but not to bet via sms…n whats up with the pin.Urgent response gyz so that we start gtn thiz Mullah.

  3. Samuel Njugi

    just placed a bet n response …….”your bet not placed.coupon less than allowed”what does that mean?n what is your minimum bet amount?

    • henry

      bet games apart from jackport are well arranged but how can i transact without a pin? how can deposit without account no?

  4. Edson Imo

    This is a waste of space in my PC. Remove your advertisements OR else show me;
    How can i bet online?
    How can i get the pin?
    How can i bet jackpot?

    I have never seen such betting sites. Improve yourself bwana. I am pissed off with your services. POOR! POOR! POOR!

  5. David

    complicated…….simplify the procedure……make
    it user friendly.
    guys want online betting more than sms….make it available

  6. benard ndeke

    we want to bet online,but seems we cant get help.What next?plz mcheza,online beting is better.Dont denie us these chance.

    • your jackport betting format in no where to be seen infact its very complecated hey you guyz simplify everything before we think its a joke as you know it is business here plz plz plz

  7. Isaiah

    I cannot believe that after all these complaints about online betting and pin no action has been taken, only pray that this is not another DECI

  8. mulwa

    are you people about betting or marketting other betting sites. Its difficult to understand why sportpesa, betin, elitebet, and the rest featurers so well on your site while on the other hand, there features NO online betting idea on your own platform.

  9. LIO


  10. This is just a mere fuck.mcheza goons r kidding us.u lack transparency at all.I can’t trust with even a coin from my wallet.to hell with u.

  11. skc

    you should make it easy by providing online bet. hii mambo za sms not all people enjoy drafting it. we need one touch and its over or you’re limiting your customers.

  12. Allan

    Betting online…….. vipi?
    Manze we’re not gumbling to enrich ourselves bt to boost ur income. Mind ur customers meeeeeen.

  13. pascal muraya

    am having trouble.i have just requested my mcheza balance.unfortunately till now.. no reply….no answer whats wrong mcheza..???

  14. Gidie

    Hey guys I just deposited money but. The cost of transactions pay bill too expensive why deposit 100 with 72.what a feck also takes time to get confirmation msg from Mcheza yet ya mpesa took jst few seconds.

  15. you guyz au sereouc wth ua bsns..u lack transparncy at all..wth all those complains no rplie or action towards them..y???hey pple tujunge tusibiwe!!!

  16. Aron

    I just deposited to your account guys bt no any notifications on board? Even a txt to confirm yawa ati niko ndani? Guys improve pliz

  17. Essa.

    Hey, guys why keep on complaining yet there are no any signs if response nor changes lets just forget about this so called m cheza and back on to sportpesa,betway, betin and elitebet.. A serious investor / bussiness company do listen to they customers’ taste n preference … Fuck ..!!.
    (Its high time you advance to online betting or loss customers)

  18. William

    I dont think if this thing is write …coz l see every comment people are complain….
    And theirs no reply….

  19. Nickson cheruiyot chumo

    can’t you guys afford experts?! I’m disgusted by your services! To worsen, you never reply nor address our issues we raise often… Never seen such a poor platform!! Kindly even you’ve done nothing about our issues, do reply them!!
    We need trust,secrecy; get us passwords, we are bored with this analog thing of SMS get us online betting…

  20. meshack

    how can i bet on line.becouse your rejecting everything i rejestaring without telling me what is the problem?

  21. Yongo

    Whenever I try to bet online, the site does not open. Why then do you pple encourage us to bet online? Can u improve on this before asking us to bet online. Comcerned fun.

  22. Kennedy

    the online platform betting of mcheza website is not working….please solve that…..I am unable to bet online

  23. ouma caleb

    please show me . How to. bet online. How to get fixtures table on mcheza . get me new PIN. I lost the first one

  24. Alphonce

    Why is so difficult when it comes to register? Two I find it difficult to place my password, the result is error; read our terms and conditions, what are the conditions to be read hence what kind of password do you require?

  25. collins

    how do i log out…there no security of my account i can log in but no logging out option whats these shit all about

  26. my surprise s that my account lock after winning and ckulosea pasward!!!!rectify that plz!!!provide customer care contact in your website plz!!

  27. patisan

    This isn’t working I deposited money since 11 n its yet to be updated do u have any contacts that are reliable and customer friendly. I wld appreciate such

  28. kirui

    its hard n complicated getting game ids.why don’t you make it simple just like sportpesa n betyetu?how do I go about in order to get this ids,I play via sms

  29. william

    wazee mcheza inaboo ni heri hata kuhamia_ sportpesa coz unaweka pesa inanyonya na akuna chochote online akuna aifanyi what s hapen do something costomer wameduwaaaa wamekosa lakufanya.

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